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How to Change Font Size & Font Styles on Discord

November 13, 2021
GamePike's Podcast
How to Change Font Size & Font Styles on Discord
Show Notes

Are you worried about font formating on the discord? stop being worried you are in right place, here you get a complete guide for it.

Changing of Fonts on Discord has forever been a way for Discord members to quite interact with each other & express themselves.

This rise in the following of Discord can be credited to its simplistic and minimalistic font formatting design, coupled with its user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get a hang of.

You might hear or have some objections about Discord’s interface, such as the font being too small to read.

Or you want to glamour up your Discord to be something more personalized whether it be either or both, those reasons we have you covered here in this guide for Discord font formatting.


As we previously mentioned, Discord uses Markdown for text formatting. Markdown uses a set of symbols to regulate how the text will be displayed.

Using Discord text formatting to your advantage can make for some fancy elaborate posts such as this one:

If you are interested in doing some Discord font formatting to improve your messages, you should try out applying some styles to it.

You can read up about the feature here on Discord’s official site or watch this video for a quick rundown.

You can view each style by highlighting your message and waiting for a popup to appear. In order, they are Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, Quotes, Code Block, and Spoiler.

Also for more information about Strikethrough on discord, must go to where recently they post an article on how to strikethrough on Discord, in that they provide shortcuts for strikethrough in various languages also.

You can select the option here directly if you want to apply the particular style to the highlighted text.


It comes as no surprise that staring at the small-sized text for an extended period can get pretty disgusting.

Changing the font size to something more proper assisted me with this issue, making my experience more enjoyable.

Steps for Change the Font size on Discord Desktop

  • Below User Settings and App Settings, select “Appearance.” 
  • In this part of the settings menu, you can see some options that can change how your Discord would seem like 
  • For the font size, in particular, you’d want to go over the “Chat Font Scaling” portion of the menu.

You have three options to change the form, and they are as follows:

Chat Font Scaling

This option is pretty straightforward as it changes the font sizes Discord would use.

The default value is 16px and you can select between 12px, 14px, 15px, 16px, 18px, 20px and 24px.

If you aren’t sure which one to select, you can try them out and see which one fits your screen the best.

The font sizes themselves follow the same size in apps such as MS Word or Google Docs if you want to get a feeling of the font.

Moreover, the larger the font size you choose, the bigger emojis used along with the font will get to match it.

Emojis used with text will follow the exact size resolution as its text, but emojis sent alone will retain their maximum size.

How to Change Font Size on Discord Mobile

  • To begin, you can access the user settings by tapping on your profile icon on the lower right of the screen. 
  • Scroll down to the App Settings portion of the app and choose “Appearance.” 

What makes mobile different from the desktop version is that you only have Chat Font Scaling available.

Furthermore, it uses the zoo